A SCANDAL with Taylor Swift

The four-piece Japanese female band spoke of their dream collaboration partner and the sort of music they would make together


Photo: Lee Wei Lin
Additional Photo: Kitty Records
Video: Tay Yixuan

Move over, Taemin. SCANDAL’s lead vocal Haruna Ono may have declared herself a fan of the SHINee member back in 2013 but the band has a new favourite musician now: Taylor Swift.

“We haven’t been listening to much K-Pop as of late. Instead, we’ve been listening to music by Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day,” Haruna explained. “We haven’t had any collaboration with overseas artistes so far so we haven’t really thought of who we’d want to work with (if we had the chance).”

Haruna paused for a moment while her eureka moment struck and blurted out Taylor Swift’s name before bursting into laughter with the rest of her bandmates. “We’re in a similar age group as Taylor so it would be kind of cool (to work together). Everyone likes her and listens to her too – if given a chance we would love to work with her,” she explained, with the rest of the quartet nodding their heads in agreement.

“We could play the instruments for her [while Taylor sings]!” the pint-sized musicians continued with a chuckle. “In our latest album, we’re done a variety of genres that are more of a pop-rock style. If we could, we’d like to work on a pop-rock song with her too,” they continued.


With the large number of Japanese stars working on collaborations with artistes from all over the world – Namie Amuro worked with Taiwan’s Jolin Tsai; flumpool released a song with Taiwan’s Mayday; and Ayumi Hamasaki shared a duet with our very own JJ Lin – we can see SCANDAL rolling their very own cross-border release in the near future.

While the talented quartet jets all over the world to perform at various venues, they keep in touch with their fans with one very simple tool – SNS. Citing Twitter as one of their most used platforms, Sasazaki Mami admitted to be the one who checks her accounts the most.

“We’d message our overseas fans through SNS every day – even if the distance between Europe and Japan is far, we feel close to our fans when we read their messages,” they explained. Mami added, “I’m the one who’s constantly on SNS. I’d just tweet whenever I think of something. When it’s a day where we have a live performance, we’d just tweet some after-thoughts once we finish the show.”

She sheepishly added, “I check my accounts around 50 to 100 times a day. As of now, I have a total tweet count of over 23,000.” The members’ surprised exclamations at her revelation had her quickly passing on the microphone to the next person, but not before we spotted a huge grin on her face.

SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015 [HELLO WORLD] in Singapore takes place tonight (May 8), 8pm at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.

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