Christopher Lee’s Golden Bell Awards loss upset son?

The actor says his son Zed cried on the night of the awards show - but it might not be for the reason you think


Photos: Tammi Tan
Video: Aaron Ho

The last time we caught up with power couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, the nominees for the 52nd Golden Bell Awards had just been announced, and Christopher was revealed to be up for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film. His wife had so much faith in his chances of winning that she told us she even prepared room for a new trophy at home.

Alas, the gong went to Fu Meng-po instead, and Christopher went home empty-handed. However, the 46-year-old assured us that there are no hard feelings or disappointment, and that he still feels like a winner as his movie The Long Goodbye was the biggest victor of the night, bagging four accolades including Best Television Film.

When asked if Fann and their 3-year-old son Zed had any words of comfort for his defeat, Christopher shared that his ever-supportive missus perked him up with an encouraging “You’re still the best!” while Zed… well. Zed is still too young to really understand the situation.

“He doesn’t even know where I went, he just knew I was overseas,” said Christopher during our interview on the set of his upcoming drama Doppelganger. He then shared an adorable - and slightly sad - anecdote from Fann. “On the night of the awards show, Zed suddenly became very ‘emo’ because he discovered that a balloon he gave me had disappeared. His mum said that perhaps it flew away, and he said that he should get me another balloon and make sure the windows are shut this time.”

(Left) Christopher with his wife Fann and son Zed (Right) Christopher walks the red carpet at the Golden Bell Awards. (Photos: Christopher Lee/Instagram, TPG/CLICKPHOTOS)

According to Fann, Zed then lay down and quietly shed a tear. When a shocked Christopher asked Fann what was going on, she said as-a-matter-of-factly, ‘I think he misses you lah.’ “I couldn’t believe it because he usually ignores me! But I thought that was so cute of him,” he said with a smile.

We suppose that’s an example of Christopher and Zed’s “weird” father-son relationship. “Even when he’s happy to see me, he doesn’t show it, and sometimes when I hug him, he’ll openly say he wants his mother,” he said. “I think it’s because we’re both Leos, so we don’t readily express our affection for each other.”

Well, openly lovey-dovey or not, it’s no secret that Christopher is smitten with his son - enough for the in-demand thespian, who already has several work offers in Singapore and abroad, to consider taking a month-long break after Doppelganger wraps just to spend all his time with Zed.

“Family is my priority right now, especially during this important phase of Zed’s childhood, so I want to be there to raise him well,” he declared. Of course, Christopher remains realistic about having to face a hectic filming schedule again eventually. “There will always be work to be done so you might have to sacrifice some sleep; it’s challenging but it’s worth it!”

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