Seraph Sun to marry Japanese boyfriend on October 14

Seraph Sun also lets in on her plans to relocate to Japan to be with her husband after marriage

Seraph Sun took wedding pictures in Yokohama, Japan in May this year
Seraph Sun took her wedding pictures in Yokohama, Japan in May

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Wedding bells are set to toll for Seraph Sun. The 28-year-old is set to marry her same-age Japanese fiancé, Tomoya, in an intimate wedding ceremony held at Regent Hotel on October 14 this year, after dating for two years.

In a phone interview with Toggle, Seraph shared that she was formally proposed to in Osaka, Japan, last November and had her wedding pictures taken in Yokohama during a recent trip in May. The actress also revealed her plans to relocate to Japan after marriage to be with her husband and was “torn apart” when she arrived at this decision, which would require her to leave her current job.

“If I continued [working in Singapore] I’d be based here and he’d be in Japan [for work] and that’s why we really had to consider how that’d affect our marriage – if I had to fly between countries and in between shoots,” she quipped.

Ultimately, she decided that she needed to “focus” on her new life with her husband and decided to take the leap of faith and relocate to Tokyo, where her husband-to-be is currently based.

“My parents are quite sad about it actually because I’m the baby of the family and you know how ‘babies’ are! They don’t want to part with me,” she chuckled, “But they also feel that it’s a better choice for me to stick with my husband because as husband and wife, it’s very important that we be together as that’d make our marriage stronger.”

For those curious about how Seraph and Tomoya’s love story began, we learned that the actress’ elder sister had a hand in matchmaking them, as he was her business partner at work. Seraph’s sister had passed her Facebook contact to him and had “encouraged him to go after me,” she said.

According to Seraph, her fiancé, who is currently working in the IT industry, was based in Singapore when they first got together but their relationship eventually changed course when he had to relocate to Japan for work last August.

“It was my first time being in a long-distance relationship and I didn’t think long-distance relationships would ever work out in the past since I cannot imagine being apart for so long. Thankfully, we have Facetime and all that [with the help of technology]… and we can talk on the phone and ‘see’ each other,” she said.

Apparently, Tomoya had popped the question when he broke the news of his relocation back to his mother country. “The first proposal was kind of casual,” recalled Seraph in between chuckles, “I asked him ‘What about us? What about our relationship?’ and then he asked me to marry him.

“At that moment, I said ‘Yes!’ but I told him we had to speak to our parents about it and he’d have to formally ask me again because I’m expecting flowers and a ring (laughs).”

Read on to find out more about Seraph’s plans after marriage, her romantic (or, not-so-romantic) second proposal which took place last November, and the details of her coming big day in October.

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