What’s the most romantic thing Hanjin has ever done for his wife?

The pragmatic lover: Singaporean singer-songwriter Hanjin writes lyrics that echo his actions in real life - like how he’ll give his wife all his money

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Photos: Teo Sijia

Local singer-songwriter Hanjin Tan touched the hearts of many in an interview yesterday (Oct 23) after revealing that the songs in his latest album, Rap One-Love is Pain, contained personal aspects of his life and that one of them was even dedicated to his Hong Kong-born wife, Prima Wong.

The track ‘You Are Most Beautiful’ was a long overdue gift from him to Prima and is his “most romantic gesture” to date, said Hanjin, who relocated to Hong Kong in 2009 for music - and love.

The 41-year-old felt that he owed his wife “something” since writing her a song called ‘I’m Useless’ a while back. During a roundtable interview with local media, Hanjin added that the song was an appropriate gift to Prima, although it did not contain much romantic lyrics.

Indeed, ‘You Are Most Beautiful’ is peppered with pragmatic lines such as “I’ll give you all my money” and “I’ll tell you you’re beautiful every day” which, Hanjin felt, was “more sincere” than most mainstream love songs as it talked about things he had already done rather than what he aspired to do.

Hanjin and his wife Prima at the wrap party for his 2012 concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. (Photos: TPG/CLICK PHOTOS)

A person who walks the talk, Hanjin confirmed later during his interview with Toggle that his wife is the ‘finance controller’ in their household.

“I don’t know the passwords to my bank account or internet accounts,” he quipped. “She told me to leave it to her, and I left everything in her hands.”

As a singer who had a tough start in the music industry due to his “less-marketable” looks, Hanjin’s music career in Hong Kong began when he was hired to work as a record producer, at the grand ol’ age of 25 years old, by Cantopop singer Eason Chan. He has since worked with A-list singers such as Christina Aguilera, Sammi Cheng, and Jam Hsiao, to name a few.

Things are looking up for Hanjin these days. After 16 years in the industry, he finally embarked on his first music tour in China last year.

The multi-talented artiste, who graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in economics, has even dabbled in acting and starred in a 2011 film about late martial arts star Bruce Lee, for which he picked up a Best Supporting Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards the same year.

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