JJ Lin assures fans that the sound system at the National Stadium will be ready for his concert

The local singer-songwriter shared more about his December gig and his latest music video


Photos: Toh Zi Yi, JJ Lin/YouTube

It’s 6.30pm on a weekday evening, and the basement level of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is teeming with people - but why?

Homeboy JJ Lin announced a day before on his Instagram (which boasts an impressive 3.9 million followers) that he would be making an appearance for Moncler’s 1952+ Valextra Launch Party, and his fans turned up in droves to catch a glimpse of the 38-year-old, especially since he's usually far, far from home.

An hour later, the singer appeared right on cue and we slightly regretted not bringing earplugs as the screams from the crowd nearly deafened us. Later, during a quick doorstop interview with the media gathered, the singer shared that he’s “quite into” the colour yellow recently, though he stopped short at calling it his lucky colour.


The conversation, however, quickly moved on the singer’s latest song 'The Right Time', which had a decidedly Singaporean tinge to it. ‘The Right Time’, which was released earlier this week, featured a music video which was filmed at Jewel Changi Airport.

The music video featured local actor Christopher Lee, which begged the question - how did he end up as the star of the music video?

"I wanted to invite a handsome actor that I personally admire to film the music video,” JJ confessed with a chuckle. “(Christopher) was the first person I thought of. I’ve always respected him and I also hope to pick up some acting skills from him. I’m very happy that he agreed to film this music video.”

“Every time I come back home, I usually spend time with my family or am busy with other work commitments. I rarely have the chance to film a music video here. I’m honoured to be able to film at Singapore’s new landmark, ” he added.

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