Paige Chua conquers the WWW as the meme queen of Channel 8

The first-time Star Awards Best Actress nominee shares how she uses her own internet-famous gifs


Photos: Channel 8

Thanks to the wonders of technology, the WWW (World Wide Web), and some very creative minds, the most unlikely local meme queen was born last year, with her over-the-top expressions forever immortalised in animated looping images, or more succinctly, gifs.

We are, of course, talking about Paige Chua. Yes, the same Paige Chua who has long been dubbed a “goddess” by fans, showbiz peers and the media for her graceful demeanour and celestial beauty (although it’s a term the actress herself adamantly eschews). Thanks to her aunty role in Mightiest Mother-in-Law, the 36-year-old got to go from Zen to zany, displaying a new side that ultimately landed her first Best Actress nomination after 10 years in showbiz.

The part certainly scored her points with the online community as well, even on alternative news sites and troll-infested forums. The most infamous of the latter, HardwareZone, even devoted an entire thread to her performance, accompanied by the aforementioned gifs and, most shockingly, rare praise.

Paige herself was understandably “concerned” when she was first alerted to an article on local digital platform Mothership about her. Although the headline stated that “her acting kicked ass in Mightiest Mother-in-Law”, she was wary of the flattery actually being scorn in disguise. To her relief, the commendation was genuine.


“I believe netizens thought [my role in Mightiest Mother-in-Law] got me out of my comfort zone and thought my scenes were worth making into gifs,” she told us over a late-night WhatsApp voice call from Malaysia, where she is currently filming Blessings 2.

Encouraged by the acclaim, Paige continued browsing and discovered that there were also gifs made from her other dramas, such as My Friends from Afar. When asked if there are any other scenes she wishes would be made into a gif, she said, “I think whatever they have already picked out are really great.”

In fact, she’s not paiseh to unleash the memes on her family, friends and netball team, to which they usually reply with a “haha” or the laughing emoji. “I’m glad to have brought joy to them,” she said with a chuckle.

And in case you’re wondering, her personal favourites are the one where she puts her hands together in a praying stance with the caption “TOLONG la” (please) emblazoned over it, as well as the one where she grabs a drumstick and fiercely bites into it.

So what does Paige have to say to the folks who officially helped her become internet-famous? “Thank you, and do keep supporting our shows; I’ll continue to create reel lives that are worthy of immortality.”

You heard that, gif-makers. Time to keep a look out for material for your next masterpieces.


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